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The Coffin

It was a long hard job. But I was just about done.
The hammer beat to the setting sun.
I turned to look at the shadow moving by me.
Damn how can this possibly be?
With almost the last nail in the coffin what did I see?
Why could you of not been here
Before I started the first nail?
Well, it is a little late, me pounding this last nail in.
So I might as well not pretend.
Hi my name is b#tch.
Cackled this crazy witch.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
This guy had been getting under my skin for a while. I finially went off and told him I would not date none of the guys there ever. And about the time I got done with my tirade I looked up at a guy that could of been as he walked thru the door. I had held off going off like that for a year. Why I couldn't for just a few more minutes I do not know.

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Comments (3)

Sorry to hear about your woes.

We don't speak up, for so long, for so long, for so long.

And when we finally do, we are quickly reminded why we don't.

How swift and humbling the universe can be. frustrated
i can't say it better than barrel...lessons repeated 'til learned.
And some lessons I seem to have a hard time learningdunno At least I am getting better at excepting myselflaugh foot in mouth Thank you both for your remarksteddybear
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