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As I bent down this morning
To touch the beautiful rose,
Its softness and fragrance was overwhelming
Made my thoughts take flight to you.

As my finger tips caressed its petals
Its smooth,silkiness,
Closed gently around me
Reminding me of your love.

My gaze was so intense
Towards its amazing hues,
Made me stop and wonder
If I was gazing at you.

God planted you in my garden of life
Such beauty of love to behold
I thank Him for His Mercy
In lending you to me,for a while;

I do wish I had you longer
To enjoy your fragrance of love,
Especially now in my old age
To soothe my weary brow;

The love you gave my darling
Was incomparable,
Your memories will linger in my heart
Till the day I die.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2018
About this poem:
Thoughts of my beautiful daughter that nothing but death can erase.

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godsprincessonline today!
This is a beautiful poem and tribute to your daughter. I'm not being critical - just a suggestion. For this old lady it was very difficult to read in the colors you have - my eyes had to strain to see the words. Just a suggestions. Thank you for sharing. And may God continue to comfort you through your writing.

Kathy hug
Thank you dear Kathy for letting me know...its just that I wanted to use Pink for the rose and green for the leaves,yes I agree some colors hurt our aged vision.Thank you also for the kind comment.its so,so hard to erase thoughts of someone so precious who had been taken so soon.hug
Your beautiful part of you.....she will always be with you...Thank you for sharing.Her love will always be a comfort to you.
godsprincessonline today!
Maybe a pink background with green print would work? I didn't mean to take away the meaning of the color scheme from you.

Kathy hug
Happychatty1online today!
Such a beautiful poem you have shared in memory of your beloved child...thanks
wave teddybear
Redskyatnight.....Thank you my dear,you are so kind.angel
Happychatty.....Thank you too for taking the time to read and leave a kind comment.angel
Kathy dear....its when my heart is so heavy and I cant sleep I come to this place of solace just to pour out my feelings,not with an intention to please anyone nor seek comments.This is the only place I run to,I miss Cafe,some of the poets who were on here before.No matter who we have or what materialistic comfort there is,but when something precious has been taken from us we cannot really be happy.So many things keep cropping up to remind me of my child.I changed the background and text because of your comment,but you suggest something else,I'm sorry dear girl I am too weary to do so again.Please excuse me.sad flower
bouquet I used to call my girl "growing rose" when I was pregnant ....such a beautiful poem roseoscura.

Thanks for sharing smile
Thank you sweetie for reading my poem.Yes daughter's are so special to a mother.I had only one.I miss her so much.angel hug
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