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I heard the angels singing

I heard the angels singing above
Calling out their message of love

The mountains trembled and the skies rumbled
the seas danced with fury
as the clouds marched in a hurry

A great light shattered through the night as an angel
with silver wings took flight

She was so beautiful to me with fire and full of desire
Yet, only to offer healing to a world that lost its way.

She said unto me, "beloved of the earth always know you are loved and cared for each day.
Take not the things pure and good of this life for granted for it will one day fade
Hide not your love for each other for everyone is your sister and brother

Though you may feel at times your prayers may not be answered
They are always noted in the heavens written with each breath you take for his namesake

Oh the heavens hear your petitions and your inner thoughts
Some noble others for naught
Many cry of being surrounded and yet alone
You are only alone when you build your walls of doubt and offer petty little pouts

The day shall come when the heavens shall answer
The king shall call to his own to welcome them home
All are called but few choose to listen mostly because they can't hear between the noise of their own groaning.

But don't despair for there is always someone who cares
We may complain that life is unfair as the burdens we carry are unique and heavy to bear
They shall pass in time and life goes on and the weather shall be fair.

Hold onto your friends and family and to the ones who care
One day you will need them to be there
Push not away the hand that feeds you nor the arms that embrace you
Yet, how often does everyone do so.

For all the things we seek we shall find if we look in the right place as long as we don't give up on the race
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2018

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godsprincessonline today!
Amen! Thank you for this blessed poem today. Very beautiful and uplifting.

Kathy teddybear
I had a dream of an angel who gave me a bag full of candy when I was just 3. I think we need more angels here on earth. I wish God could send them down so we could see them and be truly protected by them.angel
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