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Me compared to you

Why do you think am I ugly with that gross look you give me?Why do you think I am invisible why you ignore me?Why do you think I stink why you move away from me?Why you calling me deaf?Why you calling me useless?Why you calling me dumb? Many questions I ask you, but yet so many truths you don’t tell. Why?Before you met me I had the best, the richest, and the famous smile in my face.You’ve seen them smile on screen. Before you met me I’ve talked to the best, the richest, and the famous in person.You’ve talked to them on the internet.Before you met me I had the best, the richest, and the famous ask me to sit by them.You’ve had a picture of them by your side.I've owned a million dollar house.You rent a house.I've owned a million dollar boat.You own a rubber boat.I've owned a helicopter.You own a kite.I've owned a Lamborghini.You own a Mazda.I've travelled the world.You've travelled your country. I've met the best in the world.You've met the best in your country.I’m in a wheelchair now.The closest you will get is a ride in a wheelbarrow.I’m on a walking frame now.The closest you will get is crutches.I walk with a leg brace & a limp now.The closest you will get is a leg cast.I played lots of sports,but now I’m just one of them on the side line.I have barriers now.You have none.I can do certain things you can do,but many I cannot.I take pills for the rest of my life now.You take pills for a headache.My dreams are miles away now.Yours are right next to you.Once you read what my life was like before it will tell you there was more to me than what you see.Before I ended up like this I use to discriminate the disabled,weak,ugly,and odd.I made fun of the disabled,weak,ugly,and odd.Anything for a good laugh and attention.One night a friend & I stopped to help a few strangers,but thanks to that night it changed what I thought of the disabled,weak,ugly,and odd.That night changed me forever....for the better in small ways,for the worse in bigger ways.When I was in that rehab centre I met disabled people who lived a life I wish I had.I met unemployed people,plumbers, cops,lawyers,teachers,etc.All who have a mental and/or physical disability now.I met rich people whose family main concern was their wealth and not them.I met those who could speak many languages,but now they struggle to say one word. I had family members and strangers talk to me as if they had a Masters Degree in disabilities,but yet they had none of the kind. I had family members and strangers talk loudly to me as if I was deaf,but yet did they know they were making me deaf.I had family members and strangers who thought they knew what was best for me,but really they only knew what was best for them. So much I wanted to try,but yet so much I wasn’t allowed too. So much I knew I could do on my own,but yet so much they didn’t want to see,as they knew they would lose the title of controlling me. I was smothered and babied when I really wanted was some breathing space.I needed to know for myself what my strength and weaknesses were,and I wasn't gonna know if they didn't know.Since living in this world life is harder now than it was before.Disrespect waits for me every day. Hardship waits for me every day.The only time I get none of that is when I’m around people with the same physical and/or mental disability as I.You hear it.You see it.You read it.You don’t know what this world is really like until you live it.I try to hide it,I try to deny it,but the more I try the more it stands out.This world I live now has made me show respect to the disabled,weak,ugly,and odd.This is a world I’m sorry I discriminated.One day....At any time....At any place....For no apparent reason, you could end-up on the HMS Disabled.Don't say it will never happen to you, because that’s what I said until now,
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Posted: May 2018
About this poem:
It tells you the life I lived before I became physically disabled. It tells you what I saw and experienced and still experiencing.

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