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To The Author from Her Mister Right

I'm the list there, in your pocket/
tucked behind the picture frame/
scrolled up tight inside a bottle
tossed to sea with perfect aim;
pressed down flat between two pages,
or unfurling in your head...
What's the odds that, when you find me,
I'll be nothing like you said!

For I'm crouching in the creases
that you took such care to fold;
and I'm dancing through the spaces in between
your words in bold...
I am lounging in the corners
absent-mindedly aligned,
as your heart explored the feelings
and you left the words behind.

In the margins of your must-haves,
I hang out - of all the joints!
I am holed up in the fool's cap,
just to dodge your bullet points!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2018
About this poem:
This is about the list of required characteristics that we all make. Sometimes it exists in our heads, but many of us have scribbled it down somewhere, and maybe kept it for luck!
It's a list of all the qualities and characteristics that our perfect match will have. And, in this poem, the real match, which is not to be found in that perfect and exhaustive list, but in the essence of it, in the pauses for idle thought between the words, speaks to us, perhaps a little despairingly in places :-) Hope you like!

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Happychatty1online today!
Loved reading this poem thanks for sharing it wave applause
Hi MO .........Really enjoyed the structure and reason behind this write .......Thanks for sharing regards NU grin
Yes, it makes a lot of sense to me, who have experienced life in different cultures, each one with their own priorities in the details of the list. In my opinion, the person who says " I know what I want " from a partner, or from life, does not have an idea what life is all about, because you need to change your attitude, to change the world, and not expect the world to adapt to your attitude.If you want a relationship to succeed, expect nothing, and accept everything.
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