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He saw her profile in the net! (2)

U must work hard,u must bring money,she said,
u must take me to ''seychelle islands'',my honey,
don't tell me u don't have much pounds or much dollars,
don't tell me u r so good,and u fear God,
i don't care for religions,i don't care for morals,
if u don't have much money:cheat,lie,steal,
and to forget what u did,drink whisky or drink beer!

I'm not this kind of men,he said,
I don't drink whisky,i don't drink beer,
it stops my senses,
and after can't think,see or hear.
i'm not a stealer,i'm not a cheater,i'm not a liar,
this kind of people are not really living,
for me ,they are like dead.
Don't want to build my happiness by the sadness of others,
don't want to build it by destroying their families,
by the tears of their mothers.
I fear God,i care for my end,
i want to be good,to help others,to save them,advice them,give them money if i have and they need,
Take care of them,when they are sick or sad,
when they feel hurted,when they feel bad.
I fear god,the one and only,
who has no partner,no son or daughter.
I fear god,i care for my end,
i want to do something good,before i'll be dead.

He thought the relation was finished,
he thought that she will leave him and forget,
he didn't know that she was sick,
and what she needs,she wants to get!

She went to his office,where he works,
she shouted and shouted and the people heard,
''don't trust this man'',she said,
he's a stealer,he's a cheater,he's a liar too,
he's a dangerous animal,
he's real place musn't be here in this office,
but in a zoo!
The people said:is it true what she's saying,
is it really u?
His friends had come,his manager too,
they said:we know him and this is not true!
He's a good man,he's better than us,
we know him really more than u do!
And if there's a problem,solve it outside,
u did something wrong here,
try to fix it,try to be right!
This man fears God,
years and years working with us,
he's honest,he's pure,
u're not welcomed here liar woman,so pls go!
U lost him,u lost a good man and u should know!
She was like shocked,had nothing to say,
she took her bag and gone away!

A wise woman told me:
my son,understand this story well,
outside there's good persons,and bad,
some can help to make u happy,
but others work to hurt u and make u sad!
Read ''Holy Quraan'',be good,live in peace even if life was hard,
and don't forget this advice:fear always God.
Life is too short,but most people don't know,
they think they will live for thousands of years,
they steal,they cheat,they lie so.
They don't fear God,
they don't ask him for good,when life is hard,
don't be like those my son,
'don't be like those my son...
And she has gone away,
like a flower,like a lost cloud,like another passing and
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
This girl wasn't in this site,so don't be scared.
But anyway,all people here,we must take care.

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Comments (8)

Dear me!Will you get over yourself.Why on earth do you think it is good to 'fear God'? That's your father! If you could let go of this whole judgement and fear thing you would be so much happier.
people project their values with their words and deeds. a reflection of their life is all that they may truly show. what treasure one may carry in their plane will seldom be carried by another...thanks for sharing yours, 1234...
Fearing god caroljoyce means to love others,to help them,to take care and to be near when they need,to not cheat or steal or lie etc...God asked us to do that,to be like that,to have inner light,and believe me if we don't ask ourselves:who creates us and everything here to know that there's a creator,not a father but a creator ,if some people don't fear god really we will live in a forest where strongest kill the weakest.
Lot of people know how to steal or cheat or lie,but not do it cause they fear God,and they know inside that there's God,and if they did bad things there will be a punishment,and if they did good things there will be a reward,cause of that they don't steal or...Without that those people maybe will be bad a day,without these thoughts.
i think the primary point you're making is that stuff, things, can't make us happy and the girl was confused (sick i think you said) and couldn't see life as you see it, therefor she was not one to make you happy, nor you her. Correct?
No God punishes you or judges you, you do it all by yourself.Religion causes odd inversions.
so this is why he came to cs , he needs a new wife laugh
The story didn't happen with me,and the girl wasn't in this site,i just tried to draw what happened.
And pls,u must read part 1 before part 2 to understand the story well,thanks.
1234ab - thanks...i appreciate your poetry and share.hug teddybear
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