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Closed Towers

We live in closed towers
The constant sting of pain
Struggling to end the flow of bleeding
Somehow trying to remain sane
When every opportunity that rains
Someone makes us feel worthless
They count their coins spending
On their pleasure and affection
And it's the feeling behind the action
That speaks the loudest like a chain
When nothing else remains
It’s in the way that we show
The importance of the person and their feelings
That one knows
How much love is sown
They say it's stupidity to sacrifice for love
They must be right
I have been a fool many times before
I’m not willing to sacrifice my life anymore
To those who see my deeds as trivial
So I cast my gaze to the heavens to explore
The peace and love that comes from above
We're not defined by our prison or circumstances
To soar in the sky like a dove
Is a dream in an ancient lore

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2018

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