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i hate, hearing complaint and complaints
i hate, endless conflicts and battles
i hate, deep valley between hearts
i hate, mysterious whispers & hates
i hate, human similarity to vacillatory statue
i hate, nonsense & colourless words
i hate, exaggeration & bragging
i hate, false & unreasonable ruckus
i hate, praising golden idols & treasures
i hate, roguish tricks of capital accumulation
i hate, insatiable bellies
i hate, dumb minds
i hate, owning ears, but acting as a deaf
i hate, owning eyes, but acting as a blind
i hate, rootless promises
i hate, lack of similarity between words & mind
i hate, the duality of humans

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Posted: Jul 2018
About this poem:
All i hearing and feeling in every day life

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Happychatty1online today!
Thanks for sharing this poem I can understand why you hate such things...it would be nice to read a poem from you in future of the things you love wave
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