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September 23, 2009 • MISSING YOU

Dawn is almost here. I recall the times when you shone my morning with your delightful charm. Hearing the clings of the dishes, the claps of the windows. Listening to your voice, swaying the morning away. The gentle care of your setting us out for the day

The sun is arising from her sleep. I saw your face in the light, smiling over your shoulder. As you said good morning and got me my morning cup. Filled with sweet and loving care, that would guard my little steps along the day

The sun strikes hard on my skin. I remember walking those hot harsh path with you. I saw your struggling face in sweat and tears. Yet the smiling faith was there all the way. And you would end the day saying grace to the Lord

The sky calls the sun to set. I walk this path alone without you. I shed these tears in pain and emptiness. I call out your name but you don’t answer. i ‘m down on my knees but you’re not there

Please tell me now. Where do I go when this pain rushes through so strongly. How do I answer when my heart asks why, when do I have the chance to hold you again. What do I do to win you back

Please help me understand. Why this pain still deeply cut after all these years. Why this heart never finds any settlement of losing you. Why these tears never stop. Why these paths should be those of mine

Mom, people may come and go, days may rise and sink, tears and laughter may rain down every now and then, but this house I’d built would never come to its completion for the guest of honor had left the stage and never turned back……………….
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Posted: Jul 14
About this poem:
In my desperation of missing the jewel of my life.... My mom.

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Very touching, and very well written. Time heals but sometimes slowly. Have faith.bouquet
Thank you LuvRoma for stopping by and dropping your encouragement.

Slow healing but God has been with me all along...

Be blessed
Hi. Another beautifully crafted work of poetic prose. You're gifted. I have to assume your Mother passed away. Is that correct? My Mother departed her Earthbound body on January 6, 2008. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her.
Let her go in Peace. Some scars, they never heal.
Hi BobbyC1348......

Yes, I lost mom in 2003.. She was and still is my other half.... No words to describe the pain of losing her.
Some scars do stay no matter what. We both lost a big part of us...

I wish i could turn back the time.
trurorobonline today!
Sad, but finely done, lovely tribute
Thank you Rob... God bless
Happychatty1online today!
Beautiful vivi11 teddybear
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