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Within the Darkness

Within the darkness of my reflection
I saw all my imperfections
Memories of my past flowed ever so fast
All became shadows among the waters shallow

I took a walk within my deepest fears and I noticed my tears
Through the dark waters of my soul
I felt I was falling in an eternal hole.
Trying to breathe always in panic
I felt rather manic

Having no place to go forced to follow the flow
It felt for eternity for all I know.
Suddenly a small light pierced through the blackness of the night
As it grew larger there appeared to be an angel of light

Pure and beautiful was she in my sight
With silver wings ethereal and bright
She stretched out her hand as I reached for hers
She gently pulled me close to lift me so effortlessly as we both flew in a crimson sky.
High above the clouds there stood a temple covered in a shroud. I saw mountains and valleys below a river flowed but not too loud.
As we drew near to the temple I heard singing all around with such a beautiful sound.
I tried to ask the angel why she showed such mercy but, before I knew it I was taken into the temple as the shroud lifted magically off
as she led me to a loft.
I could see what seemed like all of the earth revealing it's beauty.
Suddenly out of cloud the glory of God shone like the sun
I could barely see it so brilliant bar none.

There all around him stood angels that seemed familiar as I began to realize they were every person I ever encountered while on earth.
From the time of my birth to the present I remembered all of the good and the hurt.

Every event every good and bad experience all the pain I caused and the joys great and small was quite overwhelming I asked for a moment to pause.
The angel who brought me simply smiled and assured me all is forgiven but, I had to learn to forgive.

The longer I continue to hold a grudge and project my anger everyone here in whom I love will be my judge.

The angel kissed me and I happened to wake up from what seemed like a dream. Yet, the realization hit me and I wanted to scream.
All I could do was cry wishing I could die.
Yet, that would only prove I still was unforgiving.
I knew what I had to do to start living.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2018

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