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(Another Message To ANG LEE 2018)

1. Ang Lee, I know you're a director and a screen writer,
I also know that the film 'Hulk 2003,'
in my opinion and a lot of other people I have
talked to, that was an excellent film.
Since 2003, I still run into a lot of people
that have said to me, "when is he going to do
part-2 of the first fine excellent film that he had started?"

2. Well, we all talked and exchange our stories
with each other, then we began to talk about,
why hasn't there been a part-2 to 2003?
We all agreed about, that crowd of movie critics had dishonored
and disrespected his fine accomplishments,
to further their disrespect & dishonor,
I remember trying to buy the film in a store,
they had told me, "they had banned his film
from being sold in stores any more
because they had voted it to be a bad film."
That's what the photo electronics clerk had told me,
Fred Meyers Employee.

3. So we all kept talking and came to the conclusion:
If the USA has dishonored and disrespected his fine
excellent film he had made in 2003.
Then where can he go where they believe in Honor and Respect?
We all took a vote about the many different foreign-governments
that make different films.
We all came up with two foreign-governments that strongly believe
in Honor and Respect, answer: China and Japan.
There's another one but their strickly bible
we all agreed that they wouldn't let anyone to come into
their government and make Science Fiction film,
so we ruled that one out.

4. So ANG LEE, please consider making your part-2 film a second
part-2 to the first one you had made, 'Hulk 2003.'
I don't know if China or Japan would let you do such a thing
but they do believe in honor and respect to the strongest levels,
of honor and respect.
Please consider this: China and Japan I really believe
will respect and honor you in areas where the
United States Government has failed to Honor
and Respect you.
Please think about it I ask of you.

5. ANG LEE, All the people that I've talked to,
we all nominate your film Hulk 2003,
to us you are an award-winner.
After all these years me and my crowd of people
are still waiting for part-2 to hulk 2003.
So the big and final question is:
When is the next part-2 Hulk of 2003
coming out?
And please don't forget we all voted Hulk 2003
a fine excellent film you had made.

6. I've never known China and Japan to down
a mans career,
the only time I know that any government will down
a mans career, it's when they're found ploting against their
own government in terms of taking their military secrets
and selling it to another government.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 23

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