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What is that?"
"It's nothing Sweetie,
Now go to bed."

"But Daddy?
I still hear it!"
"Listen young lady,
Now do what I said!"

Do you love me?"
"Oh honey,
You know that I do."

"Then Daddy?
Please tell me,"
"Yes Princess?"
"Please tell me the truth."

"I told you it's a cat,
Or a squealing mouse,
That umm...,
That cat's about to crunch."

"Be careful or,
He might just,
Just might,
Have YOU for lunch!"

"Not funny,
Dummy Daddy!
Sounds just like,
A girl who's hurt and crying."

"I told you,
You stupid little brat,
It's just that ugly fu*kin' mouse,
Screaming out as it's dying!"

Do you still love me?"
"Please, Sweet Pumkin,
You know doggone well that I do."

"Then Daddy?
Please tell me,
Why you won't just,
Won't just tell me the truth?"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2018
About this poem:
Wow! This one is WAY DIFFERENT from any of my usual styles. It felt like I was on a high as I wrote it, or rather, it wrote itself. I just arranged the words on a piece of brown paper bag as I sat at a bus stop.
I believe the first time a child catches a parent in a lie, or observes them doing something immoral or illegal, they are very confused and sadly may even, like the child in this poem, question that parents love for them.

And now for something completely different...Is the crying this little girl heard coming from outside or inside the house? Is it her mother? Her sister?
Does she believe it could be her daddy that's making it happen. And what could this child possibly feel when she looks at him?
She asks him twice if he loves her.

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Wanted to explain further the many meanings apparent in this poem. Most importantly, they were completely unintended by me.
Listen please! My inspiration, in the overwhelming majority of the 41 poems I've written since last April, 4mos ago, comes from the Holy Spirit. Go ahead, wag your head, giggle, whatever. What do you think happened in my life to cause this sudden explosion of creativity. And I dare say, with honesty and humility, that most of them are very nice works, with message and meaning.
That doesn't come from me. It is given to me to share.

Robert Comrade
??????confused dunno blues
I disagree.scold
Edit, post. Edit, post.frustrated
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