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The Light

When every door closes
And the darkness penetrates
God’ love and light will infiltrate

When everything is lost
You are enclosed in ice and frost
Out of the ashes and rain
You will rise again
God’s light will transform you
Renew you to obtain
A layer of growth and strength to sustain

When you feel alone
With no purpose or direction
This is an illusion and deception
You were created to shine like a jeweled stone
God’s warmth will not leave you in the cold of night
He will protect you from devastation

When you feel unloved
With no one to talk to
Remember the hands of strangers and friends
That God lovingly sends
There is a beauty within
Hidden deep in you
Out of the scars, success comes
When in His hands our hearts we give to mend

When you feel all consuming agony
Remember that a seed
Remains unchanged, unrecognised
Unless it breaks apart to bring new life and symphony
Your walls are being torn down
To reveal your inner beauty and sanctuary
For pain breaks our ego and control
Shakes our foundation to make us whole
Out of grief, life will breathed into your soul
When you give God your pain
And answer His loving call

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2018

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I hopeful poem.smitten angel2
godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful and inspiring - thank you.

Kathy teddybear
marina1000online today!
Thank you so much Mcradloff wave
marina1000online today!
Thank you for your kind comments Kathy wave
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