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As the winter, starts to fade
Sunshine, over earth cascades
Most trees, still stand stripped bare
Other decked with colour, to compare
Changes, warn of approaching spring
Baby birds, join dawn's chorus sing
Warmth engulfs, soon soil will stir
Escaping growth, as sunshine lures
Shoots to reach for a sky, so high
Where in clear blue, soft clouds fly
Waking nature, to summer days
Grey's forgotten, as colour plays
it's part, heralding a new start
Buds and flowers, play their part
Days get longer, as clothes are shed
Sunsets glow, in pink, gold and red
People stroll, no longer they rush
Muffled up, against rain and gusts
Smiles, seem easier than a frown
As nature wears, its springtime gown.....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2018
About this poem:
just adjusting to the start of a kiwi spring.....

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Hi Kathy ..............I could feel the warmth , see the colours emerging and hear the critters .........nice write ........Regards NU grin
Hi, niah9,
...Most trees, still stand stripped bare
Others decked with colour, to compare...

As you prepare for spring, we prepare to receive the gift of autumn's color, then brace ourselves for winter's white and cold, then gladly receive spring's blossoms, once again. For today, however, I will attempt to look past the drenching rains of Florence and hold onto these last days of summer! Thanks for sharing your delightful write ...As nature wears, its springtime gown.....
Thank you Nu for the's getting warmer though with a freak cold blast lower down North Island, many newborn lambs never made it......proving nature has a dark side......Kathy NZ for now....but not for long...LOL wink
godsprincessonline today!
Welcome to Spring while we are over here battling fall and hurricanes! crying I'm welcoming a little cooler weather because this summer was beastly after the beastly winter we had last winter. Hot, humid and lots and lots of rain - New York State - the new tropics! Then winter - New York State - the new Arctic Circle! Whatever happened to Spring and Fall?

Beautiful description of Spring. Enjoy as long as your there! dancing

Kathy - New York State, U.S.A. teddybear
Such a lovely poem to read, thanks for sharing it with us all niah9
Springtime is indeed delightful season
ENJOY love teddybear
thank you gnj4u....Joy...lovely to read your comment....Kathycheering
godsprincess….USA Kathy...thank you for the comment.....appreciated as always.....Kathy in NZ at the moment.....wave dancing
Happychatty…….thank you for reading and commenting...….appreciated as always.....Kathywave
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