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The Battle

It was there, at a time so long ago
While walking through the darkened alleys
All alone, hate emanating, proudly it stood
The Closet from the pit of Hell

I am a great believer of my rights
The right to make my own mistakes
Of letting go of my past misdeeds
But this, this came from my mortal enemy

Now I would rather waltz with the wind
And swim against the raging torrents
Than to have to deal with this again
But this was not just ‘the chance encounter’

No not at all, not everything changes
Life is much more than just skin deep
When our wills last met, our last touch
Almost I believed that there was no need to leave

But something deep within me dragged me back
Saved me from that awful abyss
And I knew that on this I had to call
As once more I prepared for the battle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2018
About this poem:
It would seem that I have been away for a while

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Comments (7)

Welcome back to the light. Go through that closet of Hell and sort through the good and keep it. Give the bad away to the dump or the Salvation Army! laugh

Kathy teddybear
niah9online today!
Good to see you Steve...….enjoyed reading from you again....Kathywave
You still have the most viewed poem about someone singing in the shower. This is good too, as Halloween approaches Hell is a good subject with movies like Hellraiser, Drag Me To Hell, and many others making people afraid of this possible result after we die. devil
Thank you Kathy. The Salvation Army got my junk a long time ago. laugh

Good! The SALVATION Army will take good care of it!

Hi niah9. Thanks for commenting

wave rose
Hi there Mc. Hope you have been keeping well. I still cannot understand how that got so many views. cheers
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