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The End

The pain … I think … I can no longer take it
It bores into me, through my skull, into my brain
And from there it spreads outwards, like a wave
Burning every fibre of my being, leaving desolation

I was not always like this, at some time normal
I was like you, leading a boring, mundane life
There was nothing distinctive or different about me
Once seen, easily forgotten, part of the background

This was before THEY came, blending with humanity
Unable to be distinguished, silently conquering
I don’t know from where or when they came
I don’t even know how they came, but come they did

Why am I the only one? Why can I see them?
I can see their true shape, hideous creatures
Cold cruel eyes, there is no pity or mercy in them
Those eyes, windows to the depths of hell

They’ve done something to me, attacked me somehow
Day by day I get worse, the pain increases
But no-one listens, no-one believes what I say
I fear my end is near, they will have won the world
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2018

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southmiami4321online today!
Sometimes evil penetras us. Spirits not heavenly sent. Do not fear and read John 14:13-14. Read Psalm 139 meditate on the fullness of God's love for you.hug SM
Praying for you whether mental or physical illness or soul searching. Peace be with you my friend and God's healing hand upon you.

Kathy hug
I'm watching Halloween III today where an evil mask manufacturer wants to kill children who wear his pumpkin, witch, or skull masks. It can seem sometimes there are evil people who control things and make the world scarier for the rest of us.cheers jackolantern
Crickey Steve ............I only just watched It Follows on the box last night kinda scared the day lights out of me ..........this could be the next part ...........good to see you back writing ......regards NU grin
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