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The Silence

I believe the silence is here
All around it’s deafening
From corner of eye I see them move
Yet in full sight they vanish

In the walls they scurry round
They rule as if their kingdom
I’m sure that natives they are not
From beyond the stars they travelled

Doesn’t matter who I tell
They laugh and point their fingers
Now and then, no rhyme or reason
A mangled corpse is found

The corpse that’s left is in such a state
Surely no human could do it
The skin removed, every last inch
And all the organs missing

On the face, what’s left of it
The eyes, they stare accusing
How could this happen? Seem to say
And mouth formed in a scream

So once again I say to you
That the silence I believe is here
Believe or don’t, it matters not
For you might be the next
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2018
About this poem:
Having fun with some dark poetry

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Comments (2)

Do you watch Doctor Who, there is a story about aliens that are called the silence.
If you have not seen you should watch its spooky.

I love the poem. Very modern Victorian mix
Good dark poetry for the Halloween season, good show!head banger jackolantern
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