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“I'm not worth having anyway”
I have to disagree
I think you meant that
we were not worth it, to you
or that something else was worth more
don't tell me you were
escaping your pain
(worth much more than mine)
depression is impossible
for those who lack feelings
emptiness and lust
are not emotions
and to selfish victims
everything is worth more
than friendship, than love
they are worth having
nothing is worth having
I don't believe you were
escaping pain
you made it form
another human being
to let it live and say
there, I have have gotten rid of you
now I realize you were worth having
but you're gone
everything worth having is gone

your friend, your love, is gone

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 13

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I wish I never met you. I wish you never contacted me again, pretending to be someone else. You were everything to me. I would like to say you're not worth a tear, but apparently you were worth the ocean. But that's just my delusion, that wasn't really you. The good you isn't worth the real you.
godsprincessonline today!
So sorry for your pain.

Kathy sad flower
Thank you, Kathy. <3
There's plenty of phonies out there, sorry you got bit by one, hopefully someone will come along who's real and nice too.handshake jackolantern
It comes from the heart so it's powerful
And from your mind it's so forceful
It's a great poem worth more
Than friendship and love! Ebanana
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