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Jesus' Will

Friends, we're gathered here
today for the reading of
Jesus' Will and Testament

To wit:

I, Jesus, being of sound soul
and well used body, do hereby
bequeath all I have to my people.

As I scribe this papyrus, I wish to
say that probate will not be necessary
yet knowing as I do, that you will
render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.
I can only add that I bequeath to
all in equal amounts the blessing
of my father. Had it been different
I would have told you. In his house
are many mansions and in each are
many rooms. Everyone gets a room.
I bequeath the earth to you meek.
Paul gets the business.
Peace for everyone.

© agoodguy2have 2010-04-24
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
with apologies to Rob, I contemplate others irations (I know it's not a word...) but have worked on this awhile and WISH to get others views. I don't think it belongs on a forum or blog...but I have been wrong before. I don't see it as actually religious.

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Comments (12)

trurorobonline today!
got the humour Dave, good stuff!, nothing wrong with writing about Religion in some shape, lets just not get pious about it and forget it is poetry!!
Love the wit,[Paul gets the business...]hillarious, you have a delightful way of showing your humanity Dave, and also you display such 'ancient-wisdom' in dealing with your fellow-man's foibles... love it..., and yes, why not:"Peace for everyone?"
very good poem jesus couldnt put it
better himself good news for us allthumbs up yay
Clever and funny, thanks.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Very nicely done my
so creative...this is really good goodguy..
Nice. thumbs up
Wonderful legacy handed down to us from Our Father with a love that is beyond all human comprehension.Always a goodguy to to give us such a rendering.Bless you dear.thumbs up bouquet
Very nice Goodguytohave.. Peace for everyone... I'll take that.. hug teddybear bouquet
agoodguy2have - wonderful write and sentiment! your originality is refreshing :)yay
Hi, agoodguy2have,
If Everyone gets a room, we have a lot of work to do. Thanks for sharing.
I knew there just had to be a smile in it, and I'm with earlgrey on the wit and ... Paul gets the business.. great one agoodguy.laugh handshake
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