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I've forgotten how to come home
I've forgotten that I am human
I've forgotten life outside my world
Most of all I've forgotten how to love

Where are the sons and daughters
Where are those caring life partners
Where are those joys and laughters
When times we only had each other

Some are gone beyond the ocean
Some are lost in work commitment
Some are buried in mobile connection
What that's left in this world is forgotten
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2018
About this poem:
Most of you can relate to this

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Comments (14)

It's become a Me Only world - not a Me Too world I'm afraid. Thanks for sharing Bullman

Kathy sad flower
Maybe that's one of the reason
Thank you Kathy
Miss you and the rest
Of the beautiful creative crew teddybear cheering
Thanks for sharing this thought provoking poem morgan90210 I think you are right that sadly a lot of people will relate to it, society, community and family life has changed so much, people have become more independent , insular, self sufficient so much so that too many are finding themselves feeling isolated, lonely and depressed. wave
Happychatty 1 thank you so much
Poets and poetry are also a dying breed
Even my country maybe 1% might have interest in reading it
But strangely I find the highly educated ones
Delving into this cheering
JimEeeonline today!
True my friend, time is passing
differently as we have known it ~

We will shortly past from the scene of life
as all people do ~

Hopefully our poems will survive
our earthly passing

gods princess can say it better then I
that you have a place in the hearts of
Connecting Singles poetry section

We look forward for your poems!
Hi Stranger write is so easy to fall into the trap of being too busy for everything and everyone my beautiful wife said you have to make time for everyone regardless of your situation ...........good to see you posting again mate ........Regards NU grin
A lot of truth in this poem, well said morgen90210!applause jackolantern
It's been better to return home
And see you again Jim
We are like family
And you like my uncle
My favourite couple
Nu and Kathy
Thank you and God bless
It's good to be back

The changes they made
It's like how it used to be
Don't know if I could add
Pics to poetry once again

dancing banana cheering
Mcradloff it's great to hear from you
doglover14online today!
When someone is able to write words with such an intensity of feeling as you do ~ they will never be forgotten ~ certainly never on CS.

Mady teddybear
True write....most have become so desensitized to the very things that should be of greatest importance.cheers
That means so much ...
Thank you Mandyteddybear
That's why you and the rest are special
Especially for me ..Christiandancing
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