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Warning to runningShiva

Are you the ten thousands
That speaks ill of the millions
Are you the starved class caste
That justify your superior race

Where great kings respect poets
You come here to judge me
Where mothers are humbly proud
Now turned into a land of rapists

Arts of kamasutra is from India
Arts of lunacy is from running Shiva
I can step into India any time
Can you even get a ticket to Singapore?

How dare you even comment on others
And then block any coming from us
You are an imbecile who tries hard
To disguise your fake wisdom

Respect is of the highest order
You have none, not even honour
You are not banned so don't push your luck
Come and duel with me if you got guts

I am a Poetknight of this Sanctuary
I'm giving you fair enough warning
This is not your fancy playground
Don't make it my battle ground!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2018

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Comments (1)

Are you BLIND or WHAT ?!?
Havent you seen i said BYEBYE !!!

I had no IDEA of TEN-THOUSAND but, i see YOU there in 10,000 very CLEARLY , amazing.

Have you ever gone to college or University hun ???
You are a slugger who talks against relegion and can HURT LOST you are.

You said you are a poet !!! I wonder HOW haahaahaa

A poet who wants to FIGHT, SHAME ON YOU.

Yes i can go anywhere in a SECOND , am that COSMIC and i can hypnotise you and i can make you do ANYTHING if i wish but, WHY ???

Dont just belive my words because i know you will never want an END of you, i dont HURM that is my CLASS.

You are an INSECT mostly found in SCAT.

Hope you understand all these, just not to spit up.

And tell CS to BAN ME ok ok.

Your God-NoGod will forgive you and me as well i hope.

You better come to know that i am some one who doesnt care anything, if i do WRONG i know DEMONs are there in my ROOM, they will TEACH ME.

NOW f*ck OFF.sad flower
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