by JimEeeNew Haven, Connecticut, USAOct 296 comments

~ Tis Halloween Eve ~

~ Tis Halloween Eve ~

Beware the Ghosts & Demons that crave your soul
on Halloween’s Eve ~

They seek you - they slither - they crawl

The Ghosts & Goblins swarm to have you for their feast & delight as the midnight clocks strikes your undoing!

Be forewarned the spirits of the dead, burned witches of the past crying out in the night sending spine tingling pains through out your body, rendering it raw to the touch!

Tis a scary sight indeed as a Two Headed ghoul
swallows a live screaming toad that it has in it’s clutches!

It’s enjoys unquenchable delight as he feels the toad
wiggle and slither down it’s gullet ~

Beware ~ The ghoul wants you next ~

Thy doorbell is ringing, here comes the bedeviled children drawn by the ominous glow of your door’s
Jack-o‘-lantern ~

They are not the normal children clutching at
your sugar candy & gifts of apple ducking in
a galvanized pail ~

They are the children from
the cemetery of the sinister side ~
Seeking your soul to toss it into the dark pit
of eternity ~

Poet JimEee
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 29
About this poem:
Tis a bit on the dark side ~
But then so are Ghosts & Ghouls
& things that go bump in the night!

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godsprincessonline today!
Thanks a lot JimEee - now I'll be afraid to open my door to the sugary kids!hole jackolantern devil very mad

Kathy sigh
Sorry Kathy!
This Halloween poem is the night of the jackal
howling at the moon ~ seeking blood morsels ~
not sugar coated candy ~ Beware the children of
the Ghouls ~ But hold my hand and I will protect you
Or you can hide in the bamboo cage ~
Happy Halloween...devil
Hey JimEee ~ 'Ya know at my age it's sorta nice to be wanted and considering at this stage of the game, it really doesn't really much matter who wants 'ya....know what I mean?

So if I can't have a real flesh & blood hunk of a man like yourself ~ so be it. I guess I'll have to be grateful for some Slithering Ghostly Demon's affection. Do you know any Werewolves ~ my blood is nice & red and filled with unsatisfied passion. LOL...LOL...LOL...

Mady devil wave angel
Nice to see you here!
Happy Halloween to you too!
It's a shame I had a wonderful match for you ~
It was a hairy growling Transylvania werewolf
but he was chased away by the Hounds of the
Baskervilles ~ but not to worry, Harry the Vampire
saw your reply and is all excited to meet you
for a first date! He said thoughts of a thirsty drink
of your blood has him all excited ~
Happy Howl-a-ween!
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