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~ Halloween Remembrances ~

~ Halloween Remembrances ~

Do you remember Halloween
when you were just a kid?

The pumpkins were stacked high
and the corn, Squash & vegetables
harvested and most of the farm work
finished for another year’s season ~

Looking from the kitchen window you
could see the scare crow in the meadow,
his seasonal crow scaring work was done!

His straw protruded from his shirt
and fell down from his straw filled head.
He limped as he walked and his throat
sore from yelling at the crows. He was
in dire need of repairs ~

The crows & wild geese were migrating
to their winter’s home

Dad & Mom were celebrating this year’s
harvest with a Halloween barn dance

The Scare crow was given his place
of honor sitting in front of the stage
with the band!

All the neighbors would attend
the barn dance in their best
Country Western Attire ~

The girls would all be prettied up awaiting
to be whirled around the barnyard floor
by their young man of choice.

Later the children would come dressed in
Halloween costumes and the best dressed
child would win a prize!

We children always had a good time
and the barn was filled with our laughter ~

We had already collected our bags of candy
For “trick or treats” and were now into ducking
for apples and playing spin the bottle.

I had a thing for “Mady Pudding face“, that I could
Never get over ~ Years later we settled down
And had eight children together ~

What a trick & treat that was ~ Lol

Story Teller
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Posted: Oct 30
About this poem:
I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Barn Dance ~

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Comments (13)

Well Mr. Smartypants ~ what did you expect with Pudding Face for a mother...???
....OBTW ~ I'm still waiting for my last 4 child support checks...and the whipped cream that you owe me...lol

Mady Pudding Face rolling on the floor laughing laugh kiss hug
Hey JimEee ~ I told Kathy that I was worried about you...lollaugh
Mady wants child support ~
Nag, Nag, Nag!
All she does is Nag!
Put the kids to work if you need money
& send me some too ~

You sure I have a girl called Tapioca?
I don't remember her ~

Maybe she's the one that Kathy adopted
the one with the banjo eyes

Now I sent Kathy a check for her child support
but tell her it's no good as there is no money
in the bank anyway ~

If you both nag to much
I will put you girls back into your bamboo cages~
Take care!
godsprincessonline today!
No I adopted Rice - you remember her don't you? She is related to Paddy!

Darn ~ I don't remember a Baby Rice ~
(Was she fried or white Rice?)

(Duh? related to Paddy?)
Was he the Baker?

Patty cake ~ Patty cake
Baker's man
Bake me a cake as quick as you can ~

Gee! I don't remember a baby in the oven?
Was it ours???
Hope Rice didn't come out overcooked ~

I remember our first date
It was in a Paddy Wagon ~

But I don't think we had time to make a baby there ~ Lol
You sure it's ours????

Kathy only kidding, put the shotgun away
Hope you had a nice Halloween ~

JimEee ~ You are a real cad!!!! You saddle me with 8 children and then you two time me with Kathy ~ and to make it even worse you give her Rice Pudding???/

I'm so disappointed in you. You have broken my heart. I guess I will have to look for another man who will be true to me.
Mady crying crying crying
Hi! "Pudding Face"
I thought I was giving you a breathing space
when Kathy had baby "Rice" Pudding!
Gee! Twins would have been nice ~
Rice Pudding/with Raisins ~ Lol
Oh! Well no one said this life would be a Rose Garden!
Gee maybe we should have named her
Rose instead of Rice ~ Lol
Sorry, I don't like children or pumpkins..... So that's my life solved!!!!!
Come stai
che la tuna giornata
sia piena di risate

How are you
May your day be full
of laughter ~

Thanks for you comments
godsprincessonline today!
Rice is the baby of Rice Paddy - he is famous for holding his water and growing things.

Kathy rolling on the floor laughing
Boo hoo! I wanted to trade Baby Rice in for
an oxen or a water buffalo so I could
ride on their backs so as not to get my feet wet
in the Semiaquatic rice fields but you wouldn't
let me as you said, she looked cute just like me!

You wouldn't let me trade her in for two oriental paddy field
women workers either as you didn't trust be when they
bent over cultivating the rice ~

Oh! Well! back to making bamboo cages and drinking
exotic Tea ~laugh
southmiami4321online today!
Oh my goodness, where is this story going.....Halloween is over....I dressed up as a rodeo girl, typically with my imaginary horse ha..ha. Red hat ...matching scarf....blouse .....and tight riding pants...only bought the hat to say the truth.
Jim your Halloween dance was very exhausting......between pumpkins, squash and veggies , on that diet it must of consumed you and going back to that exotic tea is going to make you a sleeping prince!!
Hope someone wakes you up before thanksgiving..rolling on the floor laughing
Enjoyed your poem and your girls comments....SM
Hi SouthMiami, wave
How's our Florida beach girl ~
Glad you enjoyed Halloween ~

I can visualize you riding your imaginary cowgirl's horse,
with your fancy red hat, loose flowing scarf
and fluttering blouse with it's top button undone!
Driving those poor Imaginary beach guys crazy, chasing
you with their imaginary horses along the water's edge ~

Wishing the best to our Rodeo Girl!
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