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Halloween Night

The stage is set for all tonight’s scenes
It happens every year for Halloween
The Moon is full way up in the sky
Backdrop for all the baying cries

All is dark – quiet and very – very still
To hear sounds of moans and groans on cemetery hill
If you must go out be sure to dress in black
To blend into the night to avoid attacks!

Blood thirsty vampires looking for veins
Demons looking for many souls to tame
Ghosts and Goblins wandering lost
Witches brewing pots avoid at all cost

Good luck as you go out into the night
Wear your armor and be ready for a fight
Arm yourself with your necessary weapons
Your cross and your Bible and God’s blessings

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Posted: Oct 2018
About this poem:
Halloween night

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Comments (6)

Kathy ~ You all got me sooo scared ~ I didn't even venture out of my house

I'm worried about JimEee ~ he's really spooky ( & a bit daft as well) this year...

Mady laugh teddybear
Thank you, for the spiritual angel's
protection against all the evil spirits
that go bump in the night ~
Your Halloween poem with all it's
moans & groans scared me ~
godsprincessonline today!
Mady: We'll just have to watch out and keep our eyes on him. I wonder if he found a secret leftover stash Cafe Jim's secret Herbal Tea. Shudder!

Kathy cheers
Kathy ~ I never thought of that ~ but in one of the last conversations I had with Cafe Jim he mentioned something about giving JimEee a recipe. I wonder....

Mady doh spam
godsprincessonline today!
Well - there you go Mady - he must have found it. I noticed now that Halloween has come and gone JimEee has kind of calmed down a bit so maybe the stash has is almost gone. Or he's sleeping the tea off. Until next Halloween.

Kathy wave teddybear
godsprincessonline today!
Dusting off the moth balls of my Halloween poems - it's coming up this week!

Kathyjackolantern jackolantern jackolantern jackolantern
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