Before the sun forgets its way

Before you get your winter stuff out
And become
A layered cabbage of clothes
To keep you warm

Before the wind blows colors away
And the rain drizzles endlessly
From the heavy hats of grey clouds

Before the dark forces get to rule
And the sun
Forgets its way to our land
There is a spark of brightness

The red and orange umbrellas
Pop up on the trees
The cool air
Mixed with the smells of decay
The mist over the pond...

The last dance
And the crunch of leaves
Moaning under your feet
When you walk away alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2018
About this poem:
This was inspired by the bright magical colors of the fall

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Comments (2)

trurorobonline today!
Nicely done, your intelligence shows in the stanzas, the imaginations is vivid yet realistic.
Thank you - something about fall, maybe the invasion of bright colors that gradually get blown away puts me in the state of sorrow with a tint of joy, glad you liked it!
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