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moon in the darkness

You are on the sky my little moon,
In the darkness, which covered my mind,
but I feel the morning behind horizon,
this dark makes my so blind

My reason protects my heart,
its eyes look so distant,
sometimes the times are so hard,
sometimes is all so different

I see, how you ride on the horse,
it’s your Paegasus, in this night,
You will open a lot of doors,
in the future, your star will happily flight

I love you so much, please ....
how the tears of morning’s dew,
I feel the time is of our love keys,
We need a few sadness for our loving too ....

You are my sweet darling,
for my life I need your kisses,
You are the flame of my living,
of my being, you are the lightness

[ 4th august 2001 ]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2018

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