Was it a dream?

I got stung
By the bug of self expression
Woke up
In the middle of the night
Thirsty for words
The broth of sparkling booze
Was gushing
Out of the wound
I tasted it and got drunk
Kept spiraling
Instead of walking a straight line
Lost my words in the noise
Realized that I had to
Take things silli-ously
And went grazing
In the pastures of pleasure
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2018
About this poem:
A silly poem that came out of nowhere

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Comments (6)

trurorobonline today!
Done that myself, like the way you expressed it, especially the first two lines, straight out of the box.
and went grazing in the pasture of pleasure!!!! what a delightful phrase loved it.
I love the way you write poetry
Thank you Rob for the inspiration to escape the box.
Thank you Exred - that was written after it occurred to me how liberating It is to give up control and spend at least some time grazing peacefully.
Really enjoyed reading this poem
Thank you for posting it here wave applause
Thank you Happychatty1, just attempted to be less serious for a change.
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