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she who must be obeyed-a new beginning

so, in the prior write, I described that I had suffered an episode of elevated blood pressure. dizziness and what not. but I did not feel bad at all..just dizzy. well, since that event, my wife (EMT/ gourmet cook and apparently an expert at anything else that need be done), has taken over my diet, regimen, and lifestyle (with my grateful blessing). no more processed food...period! limited(very!) sodium, sugar, alcohol. no more tobacco, fat, fast food(save for occasional grilled chicken), candy and the like, no potatoes, no rice (except for Indian basmatti), and anything else that has (more than trace amounts of) sodium, sugar, or fat. we won't even be using frozen vegetables as they may have sodium and/or sugar in them as preservatives. same for commercial canned goods, no more. a lot of changes are now occuring. she's cleaned out my food pantry of all unacceptable or questionable foods. we've been out to three different grocers procurring things like...certain whole wheat breads, avocados, fresh fruits/vegetables, turkey, chicken, pork, skim milk, no sugar/low sodium jellies and peanut butter, diet soda...and so on. you get the picture. she even informed me that beginning this week, we will rise early each morning before I have to go to work, and walk the local college track. she (and our kids, to a certain extent) will as well, avoid an unhealthy lifestyle and pretty much adopt a new diet. as for myself and my feelings about all this; well, like many others, I had always said that one day, I would make drastic changes toward good health. just never had the gumption to do it. she has the gumption, and I'm going to seize this amazing opportunity and try to right my ship a bit. perhaps in time, I'll be able to work and play harder, not to mention breathe longer. I just find it difficult to accept that another would care enough to sacrifice for me. Lyn's an amazing woman. she must love me or something like that. I know I love her.
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Posted: Apr 2010
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it's a new dawn...

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Comments (8)

you definitely got a keeper hedi. it's amazing when someone has more gumption than we do to motivate us. Now, while yer walking the track tomorrow, you can be thinkin' "what rhymes with 130/80?" and go from there. we're with ya my man!
Hedistuff; I want and wish you well as I'm sure do all the rest.. In all ways thank you for your intricate, progressive writing and style. I am priviledged to continue to learn from you. And may I extend the very same to those many others, far too many to mention by name all along this Site.
-Darwin G.
trurorobonline today!
sounds gruelling to me!! good luck!
I hope you get feeling better. Glad you are so blessed to have a wonderful wife. Take care.
hedistuff - take care my are in good :) Change can be a good thing and just what you ordered!bouquet bouquet bouquet
Keep it up takes alot of will power to change.Sometimes the only way is with help.Good health my friend.
All things in moderation though hedi.
You are a very lucky man.. indeed.. but be careful of the dizziness... somtimes that can be a sign of low blood pressure!sad flower teddybear bouquet
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