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Simpler Times..

I can still see my Grandmother in her old faded housedress
bent over the old wringer washer
lifting out piece by piece, each garment,
and running it through the wringer,
of her new washing machine..
Down in the musty cellar
Times were so much simpler then..
Folks were grateful then,for the little simplicities in life,
Which seemed to make life easier...
Now everything is rush rush and I just don't have the time...
No time to simply throw the clothes in the machine,
And toss them in the dryer...
Isn't it funny, how spoiled we've become..
Not as if we have to wash them on a rock at the river..
Now we rush off to the gym where we think we need to get our exercise..
Whatever happened, to everyday tasks, like cutting the grass, weeding the garden,
It used to be enough to keep us in shape...
Whatever happened to toiling away in the kitchen, to make a home cooked meal..
Instead of driving through the drive-thru..
Maybe if we all went back to a simpler time..
We'd be happier and healthier, and appreciate all that we have now..
Just a thought.. let's walk.. not run.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Just something I thought about today, when a friend's kids were complaining about doing the laundry.. :D

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Comments (10)

-and our good fortune you completed the thought to form, and then to share it here. Thank you Q Storm ~: )
trurorobonline today!
Yes peace and tranquility seem long forgotten
Yeah and you could even leave your doors unlocked my grandma would say. I can still remember putting clothes through that old mangle and pressing that big square iron foot on her man powered sewing machine. Some of the best years of my life being with my best friend. Thank you for sharing teddybear
You've hit the nail right on the head QS.
They were simpler times,family times and
happier times all rolled into one. It's
amazing how the marketing strategies make
us belief we need all these things that
ultimately give us stress. Thanks for the
reminisce. cool thumbs up hug thanks
QuietStorm - engaging poem! to be grateful and at peace is a much simpler 'time'...thanks for sharing a wonderful piece :)teddybear
I could clearly visualise that scene from history; I suppose having to manage without modern gadgets must of been hard, yet maybe they were richer.Beautiful write, thanks.
It was like you were writing about me and my Grandmother, for we did the same thing. Oh, life was so much easier then. I loved your poem. Thank you so much for bringing back some of my best memories.
Such a lovely poem such a lovely sentiment. I sit and think a lot here lately about times gone by. And a lot of the things I miss. But not the wringer. Got my hair caught in the roller press one time. Lucky I reached the cord and pulled it and it stopped but I was in a pickle. I miss the smell of the water when I primed the pump to get it going in the morning. Thank you. bouquet
i think everyone has already said it, so all i can add is that i remember the musty smell of the basement (we don't have basements where i live) and the rows of "canned" goods my grandma had "put up".
Thank-you so much for your comments.. Beneath the pines... teddybear
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