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~ Santa's Elves ~

Santa’s Elves

Santa’s Elves bring Christmas cheer

Making things for good little
Girls & Boys

Making all kind of wonderful Christmas toys

They sing and dance beneath the tree

Singing Christmas carols
Especially for you & me

Helping Santa load his sleigh

Getting ready for a wonderful
Christmas day

Feeding the reindeer their special holiday hay

In order that Santa can be on his merry way

Santa making children’s wishes come true

And he has a special one to give just to you!

Up on the house tops Santa will come
And down the chimney with presents for all!

Then Santa will call out
Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night!

Merry Christmas to all
The Elf Poet
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2018
About this poem:
Christmas ~ It makes me feel like a child again ~
"I wish" Lol

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Comments (6)

Aw shucks JimEee ~ You must have been such a cute little boy! I can see you now ~ laying in your little bed on Christmas Eve ~ just waiting for the faint sounds of he landed on your roof.

Now from what I hear ~ you didn't always get everything that you asked for.
Ya' know ~ perhaps if you hadn't eaten most of the cookies that were left out for Santa AND even worse ~ drank ALL of his milk ~ things might have been a tad better for!!

This was a festive and charming poem.
Thanks for sharing it with us all ~ AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS....Mady
rolling on the floor laughing teddybear reindeer santa waving gingerbread :
Hi Mady!
Thanks for the nice comments
Merry Christmas
Lovely poem full of festive is hoping you have a happy Christmas and a good new year too..may your hopes and dreams come true wave
May Santa shower you with happiness
and your Christmas dreams come true!
~ Glad you liked the poem ~
godsprincessonline now!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas JimEee. However, you don't want Santa to slay. You want Santa to drive and land his SLEIGH! lol Just had to pick on you. The secretary editing coming out in me again!

Kathy wave
Wow! Santa has a real secretary
Thanks for the editing, I made the correction.
Can't thank you enough ~

Merry Christmas a hundred times over
tip hat santa waving
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