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LOVE: A Path of Shifting Sand.

Having true friends, to share dreams
Problems trouble you, sharing it seems
Makes life easier, if others care for you
Joys-burdens shared, support on cue

Shared with a friend, who is your lover too
You're blessed, as love shines through
Confidence grows, to a special place
Peace overcomes, seeing their face

It takes time, for unique special bonds
Developed between two, relationship longed
Trust comes slowly, allowed to nurture-grow
Along with respect, earned from seeds you sow

Relationship-journey, will never end
Always easier if lover, is your friend
Some cannot commit, seek variety-change
They should admit, true restricted range

Love has rocky paths, boulders block the way
Causing detours, new doubts by the day
Sincerity a winner, luck-timing wins through
Accepting you are in love, will capture a few.....

Seeking a loving relationship, sharing a space
Smiling-relaxed, looking into their face
Love isn't easy, nothing worthwhile is
Walking loves shifting sand, will cupids arrow miss?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2018
About this poem:
Remembering how many ladies said males wanted one night unlike most of us ladies...... who wanted a loving long term relationship.....

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Comments (6)

niah9online today!
Thank you Honi for reading and commenting on.....appreciated......dancing
Real love is more than feelings;
It is hard work and endurance !
niah9online today!
So true or any relationship is hard work...........nothing worthwhile is so maybe that is why so many turn away from commitment.... ….A Path of Shifting Sand......thank you for reading and commenting...….bowing daisy
Happychatty1online today!
Really enjoyed reading this poem on lov,e..thanks for sharing it heart beating wave
niah9online today!
Thank you for the lovely comment Happychatty…...glad you enjoyed......Kathywave wave
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