bird haiku

bird raises its wings
insect in grass stirs to look
and is gobbled up

checking all around
bird steals remnants of dog food
then flies to the trees

tucking in its wings
pelican dives and misses
fish scatter laughing

soaring in the sky
vulture though hideous looking
gracefulness in flight
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2018

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Comments (3)

Ha Ha Socrates the expert for haikus, just wonderful, i think i will take a leaf out of your book and try a threesome ha ha well you know what i mean

Have a wonderful festive season x
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your kind comment.

haiku is a finger pointing at the moon;
if the hand is bejewelled,
we no longer see that to which it points

Thank you for that link socrates i have saved and will print off.

I carry camera wherever i go but now jotting pad too, some things, delightful things slip through the memory as i walk by. The camera does not record my feeling so both things will enhance my walks.

Have a very good xmas Socrates x
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