The Looking Glass

Over from where I sit
There’s a lot going on
That you’re missing out
Surrendering your feelings
A heartfelt connection
Brings you what you seek
No more lost occasions
Misplaced imaginations
Fleeting through space
Drifting with whimsical
Layers of smokey rings
Endless fascinations
Through the sunbeams
Diagonally past lace curtains
Twirling in a little draft
Eddies of a spring tide
Gazing into a looking glass
Into the very next room
Over from where I sit
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2018
About this poem:
Little abstract about seeing things through a mirror you wouldn’t normally be able to see, like round a corner.

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Comments (3)

i enjoyed reading and through the looking glass into the soul ---if we dare my immediate thoughts.

Have a very good happy xmas xxx
Exred, Thank you for seeing my poem even 'more succinctly' than myself when I wrote it. I agree with what you said. Now I can even understand my feelings better. Funny how when writing abstractly such things can become so revealing especially when interpreted by others. Merry Christmas !!
Re the mirror: Up is up; left appears right,
down is the other mirror we walk upon
I'll elaborate (above)

Enjoyable read, thank you Y4U
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