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Flower Of The Hills

Beauty is like the flower of the hills
Even a desert shall rejoice and blossom
When it shall blossom abundantly
And rejoice with joy and singing
Being rooted and grounded in love
Just like our faces made of fleshy masks
Beauty is like the flower of the hills
O'er bare skin earth it so clothes
The hardy grasses of the field
Growing in clusters the purple Irises
Bending their long slender necks
So graciously above the shelter
Of the grasses that surrounds them
Beauty is like the flower of the hills
What is left behind after the storm
When a rainbow will appear
Cast below the drifting clouds
Floating in graceful abundance
Just before the sun does set
Beauty is like the flower of the hills
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2019
About this poem:
A kind of scriptural redefinition of flesh and beauty......

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Comments (6)

Beautiful poem that I really enjoyed reading Yankee4you
I find to be multifaceted, it has depth and I think it is one I will enjoy coming back to read, thank you for sharing it wave
Yankee4youonline today!
It does serve as an analogy between flowers and faces defining beauty, the rainbow depicts colorful flowers.
Lovely analogy bouquet
Yankee4youonline today!
Of course the most beautiful flower of the hills, the rarest flower of them all is a wild rose. troll
Amasing definition of beauty Yankee4 you. very deep poem. I really enjoyed reading it. thanks a lot for sharing it. gr. Lillyapplause
Feels good to imagine those flowers beneath two feet of snow! Nice poem, thank you Yankee!
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