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by yasparkWilliamsville, New York, USAFeb 20191 comments

The Red Button

A force of unknown origin kicked me out
From the pretzel of a yoga pose,
Propelled to the ceiling
And let me float around
In the cloud of self-conscience
To observe the bodies
Of myself and my fellow yogis
Stretched beyond the limits
On their yoga mats.

“Go deeper, go deeper"
Vibrated the space.
I pushed and pushed hard like in childbirth
Until something rigid stopped me.
“No wonder” the voice from above noted pointedly
“Self-imposed boundaries my darling,
That’s what holds you back.
Relax on that cloud of your thoughts
And be gentle, that’s the key”..

Last I remember was crawling out from my tight shell
While holding on to the red knob.
Was it a reset button?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2019
About this poem:
My imagination was stretched beyond limits here

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I hope you ve found the right button. And now you "Relax on that cloud of your thoughts" kiss wave
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