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Just Shine

Whether work bills family or friends
Everybody's stress is tailored to them
You've come this far
Carry on you must
You are a shining star
And on your journey you must trust
Today it may seem dark n grey
But let me tell you how it pays
In the darkness of your stress
Is where you harness the best of the blessed
Mostly unawares of the magik we're making
Yea at times is painstaking
Why me?
When will it pass?
Want a light to shine upon you fast
And guess what
That light is shining
While we worry fret n whining
Blind to the Divine timing
You're never alone
Your higher self has always got you
Though at times ya feel lika drone
Maybe a clone
Like E.T wanna phone home
Escape this pest n mess
So tired, all ya want is happiness
I said patience dear child
Whilst in that darkness you are manifesting all the while
Stay strong
And stay true to you
Purging n healing
Like praying n kneeling
This cosmic force from Source down uploading through the being n appealing
I said a shining star you are
And I'm afraid you can't shine without darkness
Now smile because you are more than blessed
Thank you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 13
About this poem:
f you can’t find a light in the darkness, be the light in the darkness

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