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For God sake ...Take the pill !

Having a body ache ,
Take a pill.
Having a headache,
Take a pill.

Losing your weight?
Take a pill.
Feeling very hungry?
Take a pill.

Dont want babies !
Take a pill.
Having a hangover !
Take a pill.

Building mass or muscles ..oh yeah
Take many pills .
Want to end your miserable life ,
Take a bottle of pills .

Every problems to solve ,
Take 1 or more pills .
Destroy the world ..???
Do you have that in pills ???

Ha ha ha laughter in abundance,
Take a bloody pill.
Fight till you drop dead ,
Take a freaking pill.

Heal your body of pain,
Take a dozen pills.
Need Vitamins and minerals ?
2 dozen of pills !

Do you have get rich fast pills ?
Or never falling asleep pills ?
How about famine or fame ?
Do they come in mutiple pills ???

Can you save your soul in pills?
Can you live your life on pills ?
Is there a God seeing pills?
Or one for everything you need pill?

For God sake ,
Take a pill,
Save you from the devil,
If you take this pill . Ha ha ha
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2019
About this poem:
LCBL was commenting about the pill I read
So that gave me this quirky inspiration .
Thanks bro ...
Thou those pills are a multi billion dollars money making industries.
This is really a very disturbing reality
We really dont know what we are popping in our mouth .

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Comments (25)

There is a multibillion industry built on this pill market. I take a mutivitamin and that's about it. I think doctors should be ashamed at all this theft from people, especially the vulnerable old people.popcorn
godsprincessonline today!
I have been complaining for years about the Pharmaceuticals companies pushing pills instead of coming up with cures. There is not money in cures. Unfortunately, we have turned into a pill popping society and I think it is messing around with our DNA thus causing drastic physical changes in humans and gender. This world will not necessarily end by nuclear war/winter or even an asteroid collision, etc. It may end by the human race destroying itself with pills. I pray Jesus returns way before then. Call me crazy if you will but even Science Fiction can't come up with this stuff.

Kathy sad flower
Hey Morgen .......Great to hear from you bud ......nice revealing write .......Regards NU grin
Mcradloff you are right !banana
Yes Kathy even SF can't make up this device ..ha ha ha lolsrolling on the floor laughing
Thank you Nuhandshake
Great poem here morgen90210 . You wrote about a serious issue but I like your sense of humour too
So many people are thankfully beginning to realise that all lot of the time the harm outways the benefit of taking pills and also aware of billions of pounds spent on prescribed and unperscribed pills to try cure this n that, aid this n that which is so far removed from how our ancestors naturally prevented and cured sickness and diseases. Thanks for sharing this wave applause
salamunaonline today!
right words morgen90210. Pills are not the right way to stay in life, but as about me, unfortunatelly i can not stop with taking it...too much depandent on ot...even i realise it s not right. applause
My humblebthanks happychatty1applause
Salmuna we are all taking them
Mine is hypertension and diabetes
Thanks for commentingcheers
Whenever they make a pill that can cure the loneliness and hidden emotional problems of people and actually help people be nicer to one another and help them find peace of mind and get over themselves that would be a unique pill to take. Maybe even a pill to ward off negativity, anger, hate, despair. They have pills for just about everything but, no pill to find love or be love. There are no pills to make our love interests like us or accept us either. Pills may help us physically live longer and some claim that by altering serotonin levels with pills will make us happier but, if that were so there would be less killings war and other bad things going on. Humans are not here to support pharmaceutical companies nor the doctors yet, it's unfortunate that is a reality for all of us.
Yet, without the pills our alternative doesn't look so bright.
A unique poem indeed which shines a light of how everyone is conditioned to taking pills to just live another day of pain.
lovecanberealonline today!
Well said Morgan.
lovecanberealonline today!
Sorry Morgen (Ancient Bullman) ha
southmiami4321online today!
Nowadays Doctors don't go for the cure only the relief. No preventive equation to solve, straight to the prescription and give it away....So true Morgan in every word said. Nutrition is not in doctors agenda, so sad. Thanks for your wake up call. wave SM
NOSTRUSonline today!
Very catchy I can imagine soneone rapping with those words ....
NOSTRUSonline today!
Just noting some comments here blaming drs for handing out pills . Some pills are life saving like for heart disease antibiotics etc . As for prevention yes its the best way to prevent illness as much as possible but dont blame your dr. For your own bad life style choices . Much disease is self inflicted . Your dr isnt the one buying your groceries or your alcohol or your cigarettes ......people need to be responsible for their own health . Some people think if I am obese and get heart disease diabetes high blood pressure ......well that's what Dr is there for to cure me . I think we all have access to information and what constitutes a healthy life style ......don't blame Drs for your own bad choices .
I wish they could put a steak and a pill..:) if they did it would probably cost just as much..cheers
They might do that in the near future LCBLtongue
Honeybear I want salmon in a pill banana
Thank you Nostra for your comment
You see its not ALL doctors that are evil
We are pointing out those who are selling drugs for their selfish gains
A few rotten apples spoils the whole basket ... They are some good doctors and they are always blessed by patients ... applause
SM4321 you are right ... Its like they want to give weak medicine and then see if it persist then give stronger ones my foot hurts they give mild painkillers .. Thank you peace
godsprincessonline today!
I'm not blaming necessarily the doctors and it is not all life choices in food and how you live. A lot of it can be genetic. Genetic or lifestyle - I do blame the drug companies for not pursuing cures for certain health problems that are not caused by lifestyles but through genetics. Genetics (passed down by the family through altered genes) can have a big part of getting the disease. However, maintenance drugs for these diseases at so many thousands of dollars for each pill or shot or whatever is preferred by drugs companies over developing a one time shot cure.

Kathy very mad sigh
Good stuff Mr. Bullman ...have you taken your pills today?
Madtat I'm going to take them now ....drinking
Yes Godprincess its also genetics ... Its one of the factor .thanks dearapplause J
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