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Missy Moo Where are you?

She lay rolling around my gate
her tiny body huge yellow eyes
tuxedo, her gait

Never had a cat
skinny happy little girl
go on girl go back home

And there she still sat

As day went into night
there she still sat

poking her paws
at Bix's jaws
thru my gate

Abused by her owners

she adopted me that night along with Bix
I have loved her ever since

That was 5 months ago
then wednesday last week
she never came home

I have never felt a loss of a kitten/cat, tears flowed
I have never had a cat

Bix and I were troubled, it was awful, never again
That loss was huge
We wallowed in sadness

Searching seeking watching hawks
was she dead on the roof

Then I saw a hawk with a black mound in its mouth
Bix barked
She was gone

It was days I cried
It was days Bix was silent
But I knew the food chain
would not not lie

7 days later
after mountains of tears
I released my Missy Moo
to move on

I sat in the lounge and prayed
my little girl had gone

8th day

Then I heard a cry
I ran to the porch
and there she was

struggling to walk
but able to talk

My Missy Moo
Came home!
Yellow eyes, tuxedo coat
sporting a smile with a beg

and now she has a $1000.00 leg!

Love Soph
Love my missy moo

For Animal lovers
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2019
About this poem:
I found her, she adopted me and my dog bix, she was mistreated and we gave her a loving home. xx

All animal lovers will know the sadness when unexpected things tragic happen to their animals.
Its seem my kitten was booted by someone/something. Enough to break her leg,. I live on a farm, so maybe she came to close to an animal?

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Comments (9)

Track16online now!
Brilliant applause applause loved the poem too teddybear
trurorobonline now!
Good read you softie.
Rob x
Thankyou all for your comments, so much has changed, not sure how to individually reply to you.?

wine smitten wave

niah9online today!
l...ovely heart tugging poem Sophia.....that made me remember how I felt on Saturday myself....
Released from hospital I worried how my cat had coped locked inside for a couple of days, but he wasn't there. He'd forced the cat flap, so got out but not back in...and I was scared for him......about 4 hrs later, I heard his cry, so and called him and he ran in through the cat flap...….
Beautiful caring write Sophia....loved it....Kathy....wave hug
Thankyou Niah, what an ordeal!
For you I hope you're okay now.
Love Soph xx
godsprincessonline today!
Aww. Such a sweet story - thanks for sharing.

Kathy cats meow teddybear
I haven't had a true pet for about 19 years now. I don't count the fish and snails I have.cats meow
Hi, sophiasummer,
And there she still sat... She definitely recognized a loving soul. Missy Moo, what a great name. She may now have a $1000.00 leg but the rest of her is priceless, as is your tribute to her. Enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.
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