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She wore a black bikini ... she was young, she was beautiful.
The sun was kissing his body, and it burned him.
Nor did she understand, how much she wanted, in the innocence of her sixteen years.
It was magazine cover.not know why!
They only called her "sad-eyed girl" -that, she knew.
They gave him an engagement ring ...
They made her a white dress ...

She ran away.
He threw away the ring that hurt his finger,
and somebody cried.

LOVED... an impossible love ... but reciprocal.
And she wore a white dress ...
He entered the church in anger,
I knew that somewhere, somebody was spying.
But was!•
She wore the cape of a wife, a housewife, an extreme mother!
Of businesswoman ... Stubborn ....
And the smile ... went from sad to fake.
She never loved, never was loved,
was always desired.
Neither for himself, nor for the side looked.
Never betrayed ... was betrayed.
Not at all, he cared.
Forgot it existed.
But continued to use the BLACK BIKINI ...

The years passed.
One day ... she saw a mirror and stopped ...
"After all"
What did you do?
And leafed through a book ... long! In this,
He found poets and verses of love,
Broken loves, happy people ... smiles and jokes ...
And the girl in the black bikini, smiled.
Everything infected her,
and returned the strength to him again ... smile.

But continue to use ... THE BLACK BIKINI
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2019
About this poem:
Black Bikini

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Great Poem I loved, personally I find very interesting and at the same time a sad History, My congratulations to the Poet for this excellent poem.comfort
Gritanteonline today!
Thank you Euzinha. sad flower
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