A grown-up kid

You swallow a year
And then you grow
Not very fast
And not too slow

You grow your teeth
You grow your feet
And then you become
A grown-up kid

The time flies forward
Or backward sometimes
At times too slow
Or way too fast

You wander through life
And one day recognize
How to stretch your shoulders
And spread your wings
And fly high into the sky
Into the bubble of happiness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2019
About this poem:
This was first written for my son and keeps changing

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Comments (10)

Once it is put into the context of being written for your son -presumably when he was a baby- it becomes a very touching little poem, yaspark.
trurorobonline today!
Nicely done my friend.
Rob x
Very good one Yanka. My compliments. cheering
A lovely poemtored and one I can relate to too, thanks for sharing it with us all yaspark wave teddybear
Thank you Harbal! I just woke up one night and the first two stanzas surfaced for me. Things like that unfortunately do not happen any more. The rest of the poem kept changing as life goes on.
Thank you Rob, nice to know you liked it.
Thank you salamuna - feels good to get compliments!wave
Thank you Happy - my pleasure to share poems others can relate to.
Again Yas, the subject matter is subtle and clever.

Glad you liked it Ru!
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