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My Life As Two Dogs

How I do wish to God
That I was two Dogs
Then we'd play together all day,
We'd run through the bog
A' chasing Green frogs
And rise the odd pheasant or hare.

We'd lie down together
To doze in the heather
To the hum of the bumblbees
We'd swim in the lake
Then have a good shake
And nibble away at our fleas.

The birds in the air
They'd not give a care
For the larks of two Dogs in a bog,
The fish in the streams
Could go on with their dreams
While myself and my mate had a snog.

And as the sun sets
With our panting breath
We'd run down the old boreen
Then we'd scratch and we'd paw
At the old master's door
And be fed 'til our bellies were pleased.

While we'd lie by the fire
We'd be truly admired
As our coats would shimmer and shine,
And on top of a dresser
Among some old treasures
An old cat might stretch out and whine.

To the tick and the tock
Of a Grandfathers clock
We'd be snoozing by half past ten
And early next morning
Without anyone scorning
We could do it all over again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Last summer, while out with my Dogs, I watched them play in the bog. It was such an entertaining sight to see them frolicking among the heather and wild flora, without a care in the world. So this "song" came to me like a bolt from the blue!
I ran home as fast as I could. Well you don't allways have a pen and paper handy.....Do You?

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Comments (6)

I know how you feel, they just don't get the stress as they live in the now.It gives you a lift just watching them, thanks for writing.
Ladybee42online today!
bring bog roll with you next time?..laugh

great stuff aengus, love your style...applause applause
Thanks Girls
really fine poem W.A. i can feel the sun & the fire. "fish ...dreams" great! 'course now i almost always have pen & paper w me.
Ahh its a dogs life...Good write...drinking
Great sentiment and images...I love it's carefreeness!
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