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the key
to what is
labelled as truth
darkness of ignorance
revealing clearly what is
amidst all doubt and confusion
the magnificent power of light
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2019
About this poem:

line1 - one syllable
line2 - two syllables
line3 - three syllables
line4 - four syllables
line5 - five syllables
line6 - six syllables
line7 - seven syllables
line8 - eight syllables
line9 - nine syllables

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Comments (13)

Hi, socrates44,
I have written Count Down (going from10 to 1) decastich (a poem in 10 lines) before but not the Nonet form (going 1 to 10). Thank you for sharing your LIGHT with us. May there be more light in the darkness.
i love reading your work cause it malkes me feel stupid!!! travis

banana banana banana dancing dancing dancing
mcradloffonline today!
It looks like a Christmas tree. Neat and positive poem!daisy
Hi Socrates ..............This is a very interesting style..........enjoyed your description here mate ......Regards NU grin
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.
Nonets that I have previously written
used the scheme with line 1 - nine syllables
and each successive line decreasing the syllable count
thereby making the last line, line - 9, one syllable.

An example of this is:

I reversed the order of the syllable count in this poem.
This was influenced by the following poem of gingergee:

where she stated in
About this poem:
"Definition poetry as the word suggests, defines the subject.
Triangular poems, are one of the shapes you can make a poem conform to, in shape or concrete poetry.
Nonets are poems of nine lines, where the first line is one syllable, and you add one syllable to each subsequent line, until the ninth line has nine syllables."

I would like to view your Count Down (going from 10 to I) poem.
Thank you.
godsprincessonline today!
Too complicated for me. Deep thought too.

socrates44online today!

I know your poems reflect your sincere feelings,
especially about your feline friends
and that is what really matters.
Take Care.
socrates44online today!

thanks for your comment
I formatted the poem like a christmas tree,
as you mentioned, with a light on top
Interesting write socrates. Enjoyed reading it. Lilly applause
socrates44online today!

glad you enjoyed the piece.
Best Wishes!
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.
socrates44online today!

Happy you found it interesting and enjoyed it.
Have a nice day!
I counted them !
Dont know if I've done it
But I want to try it if I've not ...
Its so well crafted and balanced that only a master can compose ...
Thank you for sharing handshake
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