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Beauty never touching the ground

Sun, shining bright,
Life feels alright
Leaves all green,
Flowers in bloom ,
Colors bursting,
Birds chirping away,
Hummingbirds, dancing around,
Making, musical sounds,
Butterflies ,floating in the sky,
Leaving ,their dust behind
Bees buzzing around ,
Wings, never touching the ground
Not, a day to frown,
Happy , to look around
Such beauty, never touching the ground.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2019

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Comments (16)

mmm now you mention it grin so true too, lovely poem
this site has awakened a star!!!banana banana banana dancing dancing dancing
Hi, Abby1963,
It's great to read Life feels alright with Beauty never touching the ground. Such a day must be enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.
niah9online today!
great uplifting poem Abby....great read....Kathywave
Wow, much different from your previous work. I like the positivity. Uplifting. Very nice. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work. BTW, did I ever tell you about "stuff"? Lolyay thumbs up
godsprincessonline now!
Some of my most favorite things! heart wings

Kathy teddybear
Thank you so much exred ::bouquet:
Travis, you are to kind to me .Thank you hug
Gn4u thank you for your lovely comment teddybear
Thank you Kathy teddybear I hope all is well with you my sweet friend bouquet
Thank you Kathy teddybear I hope all is well with you my sweet friend bouquet
Very nice!! I am still flying with the beauty of your pictures around me.....SMwave
Such a beautiful mind ??
Good teeth , Thank you for your sweet. Comment. No you never did tell me about stuff hug
South Miami. Thank you so much for your sweet comment teddybear
Gie, thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem. Very kind of you.teddybear
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