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Smiling Tears.............

Skin as black as charcoal
Teeth as white as snow
You glanced in my direction
My smile was there to show
You stumbled on some words
You stopped and tried to share
How were you to know
That someone else would care
Ignorance was abound you said
In your present state of mind
As tears flowed from your eyes
How could I be so kind
I was kinda taken back
Not used to this reaction
Asked if she was ok
As she checked on her direction
Off she went up the street
As I contemplated my fate
Wiping tears from her eyes
The injustice I could relate ........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2019
About this poem:
For the young aboriginal lady overwhelmed by my engaging smile ..........walk tall and stay proud

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Comments (8)

Hi Nu. Sometimes smile can mean a your write. thank you for sharing it. Re. Lilly
godsprincessonline today!
So sad. We all bleed and we all cry. We're all God's children.

Kathy teddybear
Hi Salamuna ...........Thanks for your wam words ..........I find it is the easiest thing to give and to receive them can be worth their weight in gold .........Regards NU grin
It is sad Kathy .........but on the flip side it is truly beautiful to see their growth and culture being recognised and respected so strongly in this country . ................Regards NU grin
A lovely poem depicting a life
Hi Red ..........Thanks for your kind words .....Regards NU grin
trurorobonline today!
Good write NU
Hi Rob ........Thanks mate appreciate you stopping by ....Regards Nu grin
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