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Back and Again ........

Once again you rear your ugly head
The pain excruciating i’d rather be dead
I’d followed all the rules and stuck to a plan
Managed my life to lessen the demand
Somehow the body knows when enough is enough
Even though you think and feel super tough
It’s telling you to maybe slow down
The wrinkles on your forehead ain’t necessarily a frown
Time to relax and take a step back
Release life’s coils and enjoy the slack
Realistically though it won’t ever occur
You have an energy that becomes a blur
With it carries all that it can
You are a survivor in a strange land
And to give up everything before your due
Will only dishearten your will to renew..........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2019
About this poem:
Old injury resurfacing and making me think about what’s left of the future........

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Comments (8)

godsprincessonline today!
This is what happened to me last fall an resulted in a complete knee replacement in April of this year - still recuperating. Hope things get better for you Nu!

Kathy hug
salamunaonline today!
well written Nu. let the pain go away as soon as possile. best wishes, Lilly sad flower
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi Kathy .......ouch that sounds very painful .......Thanks for your warm thoughts.......Getting better everyday ..... regards Nu grin
Nuwahri61online today!
Thanks Lilly .......appreciate your lovely thoughts .......regards Nu grin
Yes sometimes life smacks us in the face, we stop and think then plough on -- good poem
Hello Mate wave
I know what u mean old injuries are coming back as well
Lower back below my butt is where I fell and landed on a heavy downpour ..nobody came to my aid as I was sitting in the rain in pain.
20 mins later the pain left ...after that everything started ... Pain when I sit or even sleep . that was 10 years ago and now Freddy back ....doh
Take care.... ingat ke din
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi Red ......Yep that pretty much sums it up ........Thanks for your thoughts ......Regards Nu grin
Nuwahri61online today!
Hey Morgen .........Nothing worse my old friend .......Take it steady bro the old bones get a bit brittle .........Thanks for your comments .....Regards Nu grin
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