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Toilet power, Dad growls

Out of the toilet bowl,
comes a twisted fowl,
And the midnight howl,
Gazed by the Ghost owl.

Beware the 3am hour,
with the scent of Jasmine flower,
comes the most wicked power,
From duck eyes in blue colour.

The mouse is mightier than the pad,
And ice creams are not bad,
For over bearing bearded dads,
Who sings like church choir lads.

The cat never meows at the moon,
The cows never jump in noon,
And I will never flick my spoon,
If you never read and laugh soon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2019
About this poem:
You know me ... And my quicky lines
....Ha ha ha

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Comments (19)

laugh laugh enjoyed thumbs up
Thank you Exred
Is it you redex ?sad flower
trurorobonline today!
You are nuts!!, but in a good way
Missed you Rob ..thanks for the commentapplause dancing
Yes Morgen had a rest but coming back had to change my name a little grin
Hey Morgen .......Good to see you posting again mate ......Regards Nugrin
Thanks for coming Nuhawk cheers
robrt787online today!
Wow! Morgen, that was cool! head banger thumbs up
godsprincessonline today!
Scratching my head Morgen! laugh

Kathy wink
Thank you Robertpeace
Mighty thanks Kathy teddybear
The quick-witted Bullman strikes again ..... and hits the mark as always! cheers
Thank you my dear Kathy ... Good to hear from youhug
godsprincessonline today!
Reading a second time - sounds like your gearing up for Halloween!

Kathy jackolantern jackolantern
Maybe Kathy...its around the corner ...devil
Interesting twist on the subject......
lovecanberealonline today!
I'll have what he's having...laugh
My humble thanks yankee4you
Stay safe in Jesus wingshug
Mighty thanks and hugs to you lovecanbereal
Hope you are okay ,safe under Jesus wings hug
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