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Live The Moment

Walking down the darkness .. and all

It's hard to find the light ..deep down your soul

And all you think of yourself ..oh what did I do wrong ..

Mercy on you ..nothing will be for so long ..

Cuz I say :

Live the moment ..the moment of being free

I'll doo everything .. that we'll make me proud of me ..

And no matter how hard it seams .. or far to be ..

I'll never lose the way open your eyes to see..

And everything will be clear

live the moment ..

Cuz a moment could stay for years ..

You think you'll die ..when you let go on somebody

While that somebody was the death of your soul & body

Can't you see ..your free from top to toe ..

Can't you feel you're breathin' for sure ..

Cuz soul never dies ..

It's here to fly ..

It's okay to cry ..

But never hold back

A moment ..of life ..

It might be a small drop of tear to you ..

But so huge to tell you the truth ..

That you'll never be a lone ...

You have your moment with you ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
I hope you like this one

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Comments (13)

trurorobonline today!
yes we can only live in the moment, we cannot change the past, but we can influence the future!, well done Swan
This is lovely, Swan.If only we think like this all the time.
Yeah ,, I'm trying my best to do what i wort up there !!
it's true ..if you we don't live it .. we lose it !!

Thank you Carol & Rob .. Kisses for both of you buddies (^_^)

take care always

you have a lyrical quality that works well swan
You have Such a Good Soul GoodGuy ;)


I like this...thank you
I lived this moment, a pleasant moment reading,,,,
really nice Swan
Oh Thanks Alot you Guys ...

im glad you liked it teddybear

Lovely poem. You are so right. We all need to live in the moment, for we never know what tomorrow will bring. Thank you for sharing.
Very nice, thank you for sharing...
Pink & Earl ,, thank you alot my friends

im glad you liked it ..heart beating

with love

Hi, Swan87,
I love the opening line Walking down the darkness. What a powerful image! And, I like the message in make me proud of me; for, to my mind, hell is not living up to ourselves. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks Alot gnj4u , so Sweet of you .. Im so happy you liked it

love & kisses ,

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