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Believe in Possibilities

Believe in Possibilities to a Fullfilling Life

I Believe in possibilities

I am entitled to my opinion

The Bible talks of the bride groom
Preparing readiness
for a virtuous woman
When the groom is ready
And comes to town to seek his bride

I think there are many aspects to the equation of a successful marriage
Lust is very fleeting
promises can be made
and disappear in the night
to the winds in the morning
And never see him again
And steal from her or worse yet
Of rape molestation fraud
Corrupt criminal preying on the lonely or elderly
He could be married an inmate felon often liars con artists or have std's aids beware do your homework
but how do u get two to consent to two background checks?
Two std checks?
Men and women can be bad liars
But sooner or later their inventory is so vast they can't keep up with their own stories & tell on theirselves they r only fooling their self the truth always comes to the light to be exposed by the light
Maybe forgiveness happens
If I were a man I wouldn't want that!
Men are trained by mothers
That good girls don't bad girls do,
Some only want short women
About 110 lbs, size 2, no hips body of a boy! a girls body not a woman's
I wish more than that it's what is in her heart not her body that is lasting
Dedicated memorable

Once respect is lost u have nothing
Once knew a non good woman
It appeared she wanted a good man and changed her ways
Changed the channel
Later found she was engaged to a police officer
But that is not what she showed me she was bi to her female friend not me and a very loose women
She asked people in Fairbanks
Who was the best male bachelor
Police officer: sought him out said she was not paying for room and board and was going to become a full time college student and let him pay for all of her bills ugh! A user con artist! Saw her in public last w a jean jumper romper dress w a turtle neck on dancing like little miss innocent with a kindergarteners hair cut W very short bangs and pony tail
She was surely playing the part
Odds r he never found out!

The bottom line is that lately
I have learned that mental intimacy is such a beautiful thing
The icing on the cake to the physical
But still rules need to be followed on your actions and words
It doesn't matter how long a woman has been celibate waiting for a "Real man" he may not know how long she has truly followed Gods rules to intimacy
The man will punish disrespect her if she does not
I am just hoping that the mental intimacy
Will be the foreplay preceding the wedding night
To eternity with real love
With real love of respect
Where he rewards u tonight
And u reward him right back
Tomorrow next week next year
And never have loneliness again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2019
About this poem:
I am not going to let a man use me or be a player
Want the real thing only

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Comments (2)

Whao I love this much and also I believe in possibility and you know you said the right thing we are meant to be for each other not one using the other, life is more than what we sees it to be. We should choose happiness more than pains and sadness.
There's a bit of anger in this one, just below the surface I
hope it comes from imagination and not experience
On the whole though a good one
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