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Rachael_0622online today!
by Rachael_0622Big lake, Alaska, USANov 20192 comments

MEN seek one Real dedicated honest

I wish
would get it!
Dear MEN

U have potential BUT

The biggest mistake men make here: Really they r so eager to find their mate and have love that they do this:
blow it right away
profile is very detailed
But men will ask questions that the answer is already n profile
instead of developing a friendship small talk
They want to ask another question again again
A one sided conversation only thinking about their questions not a two way street but one sided
checking off a list at the grocery store
women r not a product to pick up at the store
What r u looking for?
On Line dating experience?
Do u have kids?
How long have u been single?
Would u like it if u were out in public and a stranger TRIED
To play 50 questions
With not answering none of your questions thinking they r fast talker trying to accomplish
They literally try a
fast check list
Rejection can be immediately
Then go onto the next woman
Not even giving them a chance
The sweetest most attractive women have been improperly treated
Marilyn Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor
Princess Diana
Neglected abused beaten
Physical mental abuse
A woman can give her all
She is suppose to be perfect
That's only Barbie she is plastic not a real woman: fantasy Disney cartoon princesses same
Realistic expectations or keep being alone fairness
A women most often is treated like a sex object
Possession object NOT
And expect her to be perfect at home, work, love, family, home affection and give unending
Whatever: if u r mad at her for not getting enough of her time: I guess she needs to be mad at herself she doesn't have enough time for herself let alone everybody else
Sarah Palin x Gov. of Alaska
It wasn't enough she was smart sexy her reward was to be ridiculed by the world literally attacked by predators comedians politicians:
Knocking her down for saying she carried a gun & went moose hunting which is common in Alaska: all meat is butchered somewhere somehow: people repeatedly sued her running up her $$
Paying 4 lawsuits
had supported her community as mayor governor
Sexy attractive supported her family everything nice figure pretty face glasses well groomed
In John Legends song
All of me wants all of u
Your curves and imperfections read the lyrics
Men need to look in the mirror at their own likeness reflection
To their mental physical points that are far from perfect aged imperfections
It is a privilege to have a sweetheart if U r waiting for perfection it does not exist
Wouldn't it be better to have a real woman and have goals for improvement for both involved
So much to this equation
Bottom Line
Many on line Predators
Fishing w bait on the line trolling with fraud w non good intentions not the intentions for singles
Desiring true love
Sex trafficking can happen from here, lies, con artists
one liner pick up lines
Hey baby, Gorgeous
Hey why r u really here
Where r u from
What do u for work
How much do u make
Not telling a stranger my family private information
baby steps patience
Trust earned not given
Well I hope u learned something of how women feel
Not getting set up by another con artist
I bleed red I have a heart!
I must use wisdom
Don't know if u get it
Hours put into my effort here
88 Poems & profile
If u want to know Me
how real deep good I am and seek mental intimacy dreams desires scroll down to the bottom of my profile
88 poems
Most men want true love
But r unwilling to take the
Human footsteps
Thinking the 3 second rule will work a minute man
It doesn't if u want true love
It takes Real Work
No E Z way out
Effort required!
To achieve it
same 4 business or partnership
Of any kind w a real woman
If u r for real u will appreciate my effort and Extensive time and effort which is precious
I just shared with u
If U r not a real man
U will have negative reaction
shrink 4 this big $$$
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2019
About this poem:
huge interest seek One For Real man

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Rachael_0622online today!
I think it is a reasonable desire to have Love & companionship
Marriage of 2 compatible like minds to join unite & be fair
& never be alone again!
cheering heart wings
Raj7289online today!
I am completely agree with U n I must say U r mind blowing,U r showing the mirror
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