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Christmas for 9 plus

Christmas for 9 plus

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Loving home

My homes in Michigan
And Alaska
Mom and I did the tree and gifts
She hid em' I wrapped em'
She hid most in her closet
Mine in the attic
At the last she would add up in her head
everybody's pile to see if the math was fair
She was smart as a whip and knew if one was missing
Mine were hid in the attic
At the last she'd say
Uh oh! yours aren't wrapped
I'd say mom they don't need wrapped
She would say to someone to do it to be fair
Often making homemade bows
and everybody pitched in
The present pile around the tree was Great!
The aroma was mighty fine
Of a fresh tree manicured for
the house
free of would be Critters
dad made sure of that in the garage for days
Spraying it, trimming it, balancing it,
Making sure the water tray didn't leak
And the bottom cut straight to not tip over
And make a mess with sap
Thanks everybody
It doesn't happen without teamwork
Rachael Rae has a great way to put on a spread
Where u have a big cooker
Cut the bird at the joints,
Filet the white meat off
Tuck the carrots celery onion celery seed
and potatoes under the bird
To go to bed add much chicken stock
Poultry seasoning on top of bird
Best in nesco cooker w lid
When done add egg noodles not too much
Bisquick dumplings on top
Little clean up makes its own gravy
As Rachel Ray would say Delish! Yep
Easiest Christmas dinner ever
Let Costco make your pumpkin pie w coolwhip
Yum yum yum!
Tender succulent savory aroma yum!
The above was Christmas Eve
Christmas Day was a rented hall
With sometimes 80 relatives
Reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
With everything Americans do plus more
We did bingo for presents after dinner
Everybody easily got about 6-10 each
It was decorated and clean before during and after
Very special
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2019
About this poem:
Generous loving kind teamwork

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Abby1963online today!
Very special memories to hold dear to your heart. Lovely poem :heart wings: bouquet
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